Excellence in Design and Manufacturing

We became one of the largest and most trusted manufacturers of glass packaging in the world as a result of a passion for excellence in each member of our staff has possessed. Our proven technical and design expertise provide on-going support to new product developments in glass packaging and decoration solutions, especially for critical applications and designs.

Wide Global Footprint

Our design, production, and decoration footprint are strategically developed in India, Sri Lanka, and the USA. We have our world offices and warehouse facilities in India, France, Germany, USA, Brazil, UAE, UK, China, and Sri Lanka.

Significant Cost Advantages

The cost of production in developing markets, like India and Sri Lanka, where skilled manpower is cost-effective, is significantly lower than in developed markets. With our key manufacturing facilities in India and Sri Lanka, we are able to produce glass at significantly lower costs than our competitors in other parts of the world and deliver a sustainable cost advantage.

Forehearth Colouring

To produce new colours based on customer requirements, we have a colouring feeder operation for the perfume segment in technical collaboration with a world leader in colouring systems. We are the first company to offer such a solution to the customers. The colouring feeder operation helps our customers reduce development lead time. We produce six basic colours (blue, green, purple, light grey-green, dark grey, and black) in 15 different shades.