PGP Glass


The ever-increasing demand foisted the tyranny of limited capacity on PGP Glass. Providentially, land 26 acres in extent; some 50 km south of Colombo was available where the PGP Glass new manufacturing facility capable of producing 250 tonnes of glass has now been established. This new plant is equipped with  

Glass plant at Wagawatte

The company has invested in a new state-of-the-art Glass plant at Wagawatte, Horana in 2007. This investment brought flexibilities in the manufacturing capabilities & whilst more than doubling capacity. The new infrastructure has enabled the company with unique flexibility to offer glass bottles & Jars in different shapes and colours for multiple industries. The company is accredited with FSSC 22000 (Food safety) certification, ISO 9001:2008 and PAS 223:2011.






















Number of the furnace :
01 (German designed furnace) with a size of 250 tons (TPD)



Colour campaigns:
We have 1 Amber colour rum annually for 45 days. The rest of the year is in flint. Other colours can be produced using feeder tank colouring facility installed in 2 of our production lines with a capacity of 100MT per day



Number of forming lines:


IS configuration:
5-inch centre distance machine, 8 sections Double gob / Triple Gob


Forming technology:


If you choose us as your glass bottle manufacturer and source for purchases, our strengths and advantages for you are as follows;



Manufacturing bottles in more than 10 different colours (Green, Blue, Black…etc)



Flexibility to produce moderate volumes



Ample warehouse space



Expertise and relationship with large customers like Bacardi. Diageo, Amcor (Orora Glass), USL, Pernod Ricard & Coca Cola.



Customs duty is free for glass bottles imported from Sri Lanka due to the Pakistan Sri Lanka Free trade Agreement (PSFTA)


PGP Glass

Forehearth Colouring

To produce new colours based on customer requirements, PGP Glass has a colouring feeder operation for the perfume segment in technical collaboration with a world leader in colouring systems. It is the first company in India to offer such a system to customers. The colouring system helps our customers reduce development lead time. PGP Glass Currently produces 6 basic colours (blue, green, purple, light grey-green, dark grey, and black) in 15 different shades.